Male Initiation Rites


Erotic-Mystic Male Initiation Rites – Personal Retreat for Artists*

When you go against your true nature and resign yourself to conventional, amorous entanglements, your pleasure and inspiration begin to wane until you find yourself in self-imposed chains. Neither prestige nor affluence nor the vain attentions of a desirable woman can shut out the growing feeling of weariness; an inner voice whispers that you have forsaken something significant.

I invite you to refuse the pretence and reclaim all that you have repressed, neglected or dishonoured – your unbound, sensual, masculine presence – free from the virtues of abstinence and renunciation or the empty promise of greed and decadence.

Enter into the male initiation Rites of Eros with HER – She who is the everlasting, erotic force of nature that pervades all life. And as Her virile hero, Her immortal lover, worship the ecstatic pleasure, supernatural power and sublime beauty of sacred alchemy.

Male Initiation Rites
Artist Retreat
Male Initiation Rites


Goddess Incarnate

Serpent PriestessI carry within me an untamed feminine mystery, once dormant and long-forgotten in time. My life drew to me a succession of direct experiences which recalled only fragments of this memory until, during a sojourn in Hellas (Greece), where on visiting the historic serpent-guarded sacred spring and sanctuary of Delphi, I experienced an Elysium, a prolonged ecstatic state of communion with the sensuality in nature.

She aroused in me a profound recognition and remembrance of the act of sacred alchemy, hieros gamos, or tantra maithuna, as the gateway to merge with the mysteries. This elation was followed by what can be described as years of silence and separation from the beauty I had once witnessed. Unable to discern the source of the affliction, I retreated from the world.

Then, during an all-night shamanic ritual, the connection returned. A deep voice came through me, together with sequences of spontaneous trembling in my spine, until they culminated in an embodiment of an elemental feminine force. Shapeshifting in and out of the bodies of undulating serpents, with an explosive surge of power through my body, she revealed herself as fierce, sapient, sublime, and her venom an elixir of liberation.

When the episode subsided, I came to the realisation that I had undergone a rite of passage to arouse kundalini and reunite with my ancestral self – emanation of the Great Goddess, Primaeval Creatrix. I had received the gift of self-realisation.

In the years that followed, my ability to embody kundalini strengthened. She expressed herself through storytelling and chants to recall archaic memories and counterbalance the bonds that had drained my vital life force. She revealed the significance of the ordeals of male initiation rites to re-enact the universal myth of the Goddess and Her dying-and-rising immortal lover.

These revelations prompted me to seek confirmation in the scholarly study of ancient cultures, their sacred myths and traditions. On discovering the many synchronicities with what I had personally experienced, I became resolute to fulfil my calling.

Male Initiation Rites
Ancient Tantra Rituals


Ritual Enactment of Archetypal Myth

Liberation for the Virile Hero

My calling is to initiate gentlemen artists* aged between 21 and 43 who desire a direct experience of the immortal muse and sacred eros.
(*actors, storytellers, visual artists, performing artists and patrons of the arts)

If my words have awakened a quest within you, you will be inexplicably drawn to me.
You may be native to this land or overseas, but I will recognise you, and you will recognise me.

For this hero’s journey into the mysteries, you will need the resolve to encounter the alluring feminine force.
During your initiation, you will devote yourself to Her, abandoning the imposed conditioning of the dominator culture,
And thus uncover the domain of your true nature and fulfil your role in erotic alchemy.
Beauty and power reside in the prolonged pleasure of sacred sensual adoration.

Male Initiation Rites – Eleusinian Mysteries of Minoan Crete & Orphic Thrace
Male initiation rites we may enact:
  • The Nectar of Immortality – Left-hand-path ancient tantra rituals: nyasa, caress & anointment; yoni-puja, veneration of the vulva; śivalingam-puja, release delay/denial; aphrodisiac foods; tantra yoginī & Kali-Śakti Goddess worship; scents & adornments.

  • The Making of a Sacred King – Ritual theatre from the Dionysian & Eleusinian Mysteries of Minoan Crete: Sensual role-play of Serpent Priestess & Hero; herb-infused medicinal wine; labyrinthos, archetypal shamanic journey through the underworld realm of the Goddess; enthusiasmos, power embodiment of the sacred bull; ekstasis, transformation & erotic pleasure.

  • Hieros Gamos The Goddess & Her Immortal Lover – Sacred Union fertility rite of the High Priestess & Sacred King. Ritual death & rebirth of the Horned solar deity.

  • The Great Serpent & the Humming Bee – awakening the kundalini

  • Trickster, Shadow & Shapeshifter – Tests, Allies & Metamorphoses


Temple tributes are personal – true to your individual wealth and ability. They are your pledge of sincere dedication.

Initiation – Early to Late Evening
For select individuals.
First, we will meet to dine to become acquainted with one another before retreating to enact The Nectar of Immortality, left-hand-path, ancient tantra rituals.

Rite of Passage – Sunset until Sunrise
Reserved for the serious contender.
A stay in a secluded retreat of our choosing to complete The Making of a Sacred King, all-night initiation journey from the Dionysian & Eleusinian Mysteries of Minoan Crete.

Sacred Union – A Sojourn Abroad
Reserved for one who has worthily completed the first two rituals.
We will travel to visit the sacred sites of the Goddess and her consort. There, we will live and breathe sensuality, indulging in the sensuous food and landscape to prepare ourselves for The Goddess & Her Immortal Lover, the ultimate hieros gamos ritual.